heated bathroom mirror

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heated bathroom mirror

Postby colin spriggett » Wed Sep 26, 2007 11:58 am

does anyone know whether its illegal for a heated bathroom mirror to be on all the time? Is there government legislation or an electrical standard which gives info on this.

What it is i live in a private rented flat and have queried the heated bathroom mirror being on all the time with the landlord. the landlord says it is installed correctly, but reading about these heating pads on mirrors they seem as though they should be connected to the lighting circuit or to a separate SWITCHED circuit.

What I'm looking for is some proof taken from an electrical standard that the heating pad is not installed correctly and that the landlord will have to change to a switchable system due to electrical regulations.
colin spriggett
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Re: heated bathroom mirror

Postby Neil » Thu Sep 27, 2007 10:29 pm

if it was a fan, it would be easy [must have local isolation for service/repair]
but a heated mirror - looked at the iee regs no mention;
looked at makers, they say off pull switch or fused spur unit fused at 3 amp].
i would like to see a fused spur fitted [out side zones] to enable isolation to the mirror -
you say it is on all the time, who pays electric bill [i think i know the answer].
if its fed direct from the light circuit it will be protected by a 5/6 amp fuse/circuit breaker, if its fed from ring circuit it's only protection will be 30/32 amp fuse/circuit breaker. have a look [if possible] inside mirror at the cable that goes into the mirror it will be either a white round cable or a grey flat cable - if its white what protects this size of cable from overload fault, one other point, where do you isolate the mirror at the moment in case of a fault, from the fuse box in some locked unit or will you need a set of steps i would ask for local isolation.
sorry can't be more helpful
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Re: heated bathroom mirror

Postby Bespoke » Sat Sep 29, 2007 9:48 am

When I fit these mirror heaters I have them switched on automatically with the bathroom lightings they are normally fast working this is not a problem and there is no point in having them running when no one in using the mirror plus I would have thought to have some form of heating equipment running all the time would be a safety hazard i.e. fire.
You could talk to trading standards they are a very helpful organisation.

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