Punching out 'semi-punched' holes in a basin

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Punching out 'semi-punched' holes in a basin

Postby Richard » Thu Dec 07, 2006 5:41 pm

i bought a basin for my cloakroom however could not decide on which side to have the tap, as such I asked for a basin with only semi-punched holes on each side so that I could decide later and then punch the hole through on the side I wanted.

i have now decided on a side however I am now a little concerned that I may crack or damage the basin while trying to punch the tap hole through.

Has anyone ever done this before and if so what tools did you use and how do you think it is best done so as not to damage the basin.

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Re: Punching out 'semi-punched' holes in a basin

Postby Colin McKelvin » Fri Dec 08, 2006 8:01 pm

I have done this many times. Use a large size steel centre punch, about 3/4" diameter, that has a point of 90 degrees on the sharp end. It must be 90 degrees. NOT flat or 60 degrees. As the holes are relieved on one side, lightly tap the punch with a hammer in the centre of the side you want to open up. The 'membrane' will give way and you can dress the resulting hole with a file, the type you use for smoothing wall tiles after cutting. The golden rule - don't hit too hard, just gently and firmly.
Colin McKelvin
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