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Re: extractor hob clearance

Postby JIMBOB » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:42 pm

Bev, sorry i cant be of much assistance. However, i too have recently had some work done on my kitchen.
as part of the project i had the electrics re-done and some new gas works etc.
what i can say is that i needed a new Part P certificate from the Spark and the man who fitted my gas cooker also had to give me a certificate confirming that it had been done in accordance with Corgi laws (i think).
so you should have at least a sparks cert and a gas cert.
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Re: extractor hob clearance

Postby Phil » Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:01 pm


Jimbob is quite right in so much as you need certificates for electrical work in your kitchen, as well as a gas compliance certificate.

I stand to be corrected on this by Gas Safe engineers, but as far as I know (as a lowly kitchen fitter) the recommended height above a gas hob for any obstruction is 750mm, (650mm is, I think, more applicable to electric hobs) there is also a minimum requirement of 50mm clearance to either side of a gas hob so your light pelmet (under wall cabinet trim) is definitely a potential fire hazard and should be changed immediately. I'm not sure how they could fit pelmet to encroach 150mm into the hob space, but any overlap is unacceptable.

I have had plenty of trade discussions on hob clearance, and it is a confusing area, there appears to be a conflict between building regs and CORGI regs about the minimum height over a gas hob for an extractor, but the most important aspect here is the pelmet - it's far too close.

I sympathise with your husband, at 6'2" as soon as I put a chimney hood up in a kitchen, I start to develop lumps on my head - those corners are sharp.
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Re: extractor hob clearance

Postby Bespoke » Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:54 pm

Hi Bev

I trust you are well and in good spirits.

In situations like this backroom lawyers are not the best people to ask you need it straight from the horse mouth. So can I recommend that you contact your local trading standards it is a mine field out there as already stated and the best people to ask is the experts and in this case trading standards. Other information could be misleading and put you in a right pickle.

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Re: extractor hob clearance

Postby Tony » Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:36 pm

If you go onto the IEE regulation site and ask the question about electrical certificates you will find No certificate is required for any electrical work as long as it is done by a competent electrician.
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