Cooking fumes coming through walls

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Cooking fumes coming through walls

Postby Mary McKernan » Sun Aug 13, 2006 4:27 pm

I live in a late Victorian mid-terraced house in London. Until recently, the house next door (end of terrace) was empty. It is divided into two flats and our problem is that cooking fumes from the upstairs flat are leaking through the walls and into our bedrooms and hallway. The flat that is causing this problem has recently been rented out and our new neighbours seem to live on a diet of fried food ... all very unpleasant for us. What's more I'm worried that if these fumes leak through then potentially other more noxious fumes may do so too. I believe our neighbour's cooker is vented into their unlined chimney, which is built into the party wall.

Can anyone offer any advice?
Mary McKernan
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Re: Cooking fumes coming through walls

Postby The Trainee » Mon Aug 14, 2006 7:43 pm

If it were me I think I would find out who the landlord is and let him know your concerns, It may be that the house has been done up and the contractor doing the work cut corners. Another thought could be that if you are on the top floor that the fumes are getting into the loft and passing into your house that way, some older houses didn't have party walls in the loft so you could walf from one end of the Terrace to the other, I think you have to do a little investigation, try speaking to the people that are doing all the cooking, ask if you could have a look to see where / how the cooking fumes are expelled.
The only other thing is be careful, there are some crazy people around
The Trainee
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